Reason why there are Udon graph and Usharp script?

Which one is better choice when creating world?

and Can I have both Udon graph and Usharp for one object?

UdonGraph is officially created and maintained by VRChat (Support in official VRChat discod)

UdonSharp was created and is maintained by @Merlin (Support in U# discord)

Both are good, it’s down to your personal choice and yes, you can use both at the same time.


Thanks for your reply!

Could you show me how to use both at the same time?

If I put my script while working with Udon graph, the script takes over the graph and it seems like there is no graph information.

You currently can’t use them in the same UdonBehaviour. (They are working on getting this to work, soon™)

You can do multiple game objects and use one or the other across these.

- GameObject
   - UdonBehaviour (Udon Graph)
- GameObject
   - UdonBehaviour (Udon Sharp)

This will work.

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