ReadyPlayerMe Avatars Not Showing Up On PC?

I am a PC user and I followed the steps to import the VRChat avatar to VRChat (I clicked import to vrchat and connected to my account), and I looked for the “other” tab, but there was no “other” tab under Avatar. Sometimes it shows up for a split second upon login, but it doesn’t stay for longer than that. I don’t see the Avatar at any point, but I see it in my ReadyPlayerMe account. This issue persists for my friend who uses a different computer etc. Do you know what could be causing this? I am logged into my VRChat account, not Steam.

Troubleshooting methods:
1 - I am logged into VRChat
2 - The avatars are visible on the VR version (not PC)
3 - I contacted ReadyPlayerMe

Did you sign in with the same account that you use in the game?