Ready Player Me for VRC Avatar Textures not importing

I did one of those avatars using my own photo and wanted to edit/add a few things to the model in Unity. I’m fairly amateur with model making but know the bare bone basics. For whatever reason it seems the texture sphere isn’t loading properly or something; I’ve re-downloaded it a few time and ran it through Mixamo to see if that’d fix the issue but it didn’t. I know the model has textures cause I’m able to open it up in 3D Viewer.
If you might know a way to fix or what might be happening with it I greatly appreciated any advice you might be able to give.

You need to import the textures separately and use them in a material.

If the textures are inside the fbx you can use blender to extract them.

Also pics help pinpoint the issue

Here’s a Snapshot of the objects file in 3D viewer right next to the Unity model in progress. I’m not to sure if I can import the textures separately cause for some reason its only downloading as a 3D object despite an attempt to get it re-downloaded as a fbx file. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Material, not texture sphere.

If a 3D viewer shows that it has texture, texture files are next to the fbx file in the format png, jpeg, tiff, or other images file format.
You need to drag them into your Unity project, then from the assets folder drag them to your avatar in the scene

How is it possible?

See the documentation on the fbx file format:,topicNumber=d0e1054

Some 3d tools package the textures inside the fbx when there isn’t any complex shader used. However, in the unity pipeline it’s best practice to import them separately anyway.

Since you’ll need to make a separate texture and apply a shader onto it anyway.

To export them from the fbx you can open the fbx in blender and go to data → external data → unpack all into files. And if that doesn’t work, go to the shading tab, and in the bottom left’s image view, select the texture followed by image → save as

Select your imported fbx file, in the Inspector tab MaterialsExtract Textures…