Ready Player Me Avatars appearing in "Granted" instead of "Other" Tab

So I made a few avatars in Ready Player Me (RPM)
The first one worked great, uploaded fine, was amazing! But I decided I wanted a different hairstyle.
Made 2 new avatars in RPM and hit “Import to VRChat” with both and they end up in a tab called “Granted Avatars” on the VRC web/profile/hub thing, and there’s no “Other” tab as directed everywhere I’ve looked.
They also are listed as “Private” I’m not sure if that means they’re private because I made them, of if it means I’m not allowed to use them (yet).
I’ve been messing with everything I can find on both VRC (web/hub thing) and on my steam account (Logged in as VRC, not steam because I heard Steam wouldn’t do it)
I’m brand new on VRC too so can’t create avatars or worlds yet but I was pretty sure you could still use RPM avatars?
Please point out the probably simple mistake I’m making here!
Thanks in advance!


I have the same problem, did you ever find a fix?


yeah… same boat here. any resolution??

I’m having the same issue. All avatars made with creator software arent able to be selected…

When you bring up the quick menu, avatars are one of the options for the side panels. I noticed that while you can’t choose your ready player me avatar from the recent list, you can go to other and select it there.

Private just means that they can’t be cloned.

But yeah, until I saw the other option on the side panel I had to open up the full menu every time I wanted to use those avatars.

Your own avatars that are marked private work out of the recent list, so it’s a bug just for granted avatars.

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