Random worlds using hex tiles and perlin noise

Hello, this is my first Udon Sharp project and I had lots of fun making it together with my boyfriend. When you enter the world you see a black tiled mini-map, and then you can press a button to generate a random low poly hex-tile world.

The world is populated onto a 3D mini-map at spawn, and also full scale so you can walk around it.
There are four biomes for ‘ice’, ‘green’, ‘desert’ and ‘hell’, and these are filled with trees, houses, castles and more. These are generated using perlin noise. You can generate new random worlds or type in your own world seeds. You can also reset the world back to black tiles.

The world is synced using a Udon synced variable that shares a seed generated by the world master. This allows each player to see the same random world.

I hope you like the world,


Suzie, you should absolutely show it on the Community Meet up :slight_smile:
There people show their created worlds that also helps in a way to test the usability and the resistance to many players on the instance.
There is a few rules to follow before showing it (Like world limit 40 People on the stats of the world).
Make sure to visit the place to show it of !

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