Radial puppet controled drone with blend tree animations being locked to world spawn rotation and not avartar location

ok so lets get this started ok so i made a blend tree just for a drone remote controle using a 2d freeform directional blend tree where drone return and resting is at 0 x and 0 y and foward back left and right as the radial pupet controls

now on to the part that is making me want to tear my damned hair out the blend tree and said radial puppet controls are rotational linked to the world spawns rotation so to give a example when i turn left away from world spawn forward and back become left right and so on so unless i’m looking straight as you spawn in the controls get inverted and reversed or so on

it works though but its infuriating when you go to fly it forward on a map and actualy the “forward” is left or other wise not the damned forward button and with a joystick in vr its too much of a pain to do

so is there any conciviale way to link the blend tree radial puppet to the base model so forward is always the forward control this has been a 3 day project or more because of that little anoyance

any help will be extremly thanked

I’m still unsure on how to do those controls myself yet, but since animations use local location/rotation and not world location/rotation, my best guess is that your highest parent object is world constraint so you can move it independent from your avatar, right?

something you could do if I’m thinking correctly is put a rotation constraint on the item you control that is linked to your hip bone, this will rotate the item with you, however this might break any rotation controls you have and the item has to be the item you control as any parent rotating will displace the drone to keep it’s relative position to it the same.