Questions about VRChat Plus

Hey there,
Just a quick question, my account is somewhat new, and I’m wanting to gain the ability to upload avatars to VRChat for my private use.

If I were to purchase VRChat Plus, would I be able to gain access to uploading avatars?

If you are Visitor Rank, purchasing VRChat Plus will up your trust rank to New User.

The following is from VRChat’s FAQ about VRChat Plus.

This boost is relatively small, and has diminishing returns. If you are a Visitor, the boost will bring you to New User, enabling content upload capabilities. If you are a New User, it is possible that your rank may be boosted to User depending on how long you’ve been playing. However, if you are a User or Known User, the boost is unlikely to have any affect on the Trust rank you have.

Source: FAQs — VRChat

One thing to note is that typically ranking up to New User is quick and purchasing VRChat Plus to reach it is not required

Thanks :slight_smile: