Question of cooperation

I have a very big question that you guys haven’t done yet. VRchat is an amazing game that i want to play but i only problem is that its not on PlayStation 4 or 5. Have you ever had thoughts on cooperating with Playstation Sony?

Haha I’m sure they’ve considered it! Keep in mind that the PS5 does not yet support PSVR, so there’s not really much VRChat can do.

Add to that, Sony’s Rather strict content guidelines and the fact they don’t really support cross platform play at all makes me guess it’ll never happen.

Don’t get me wrong, the ps4/5 are wonderful pieces of hardware.

But a game like vrc has a lot of amazing user content that simply won’t fly by Sony’s tos.

Additionally, stuff made for pc/mobile won’t simply run on playstation, it’s still a completely different architecture that you need to know and understand.

It’s not like the xbox where it’s all directX based. there’s quite a few weird quirks and rules you need to abide by when making content for the system.

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