Question: non-spherical eyes

OK, so how does one handle non-spherical eyes? they are a pain to figure out when rigging, not every model looks good enough if I use the shallow eyes trick where the only thing that is actually there is the iris and the white part of the eyes is actually on the inside, there are tricks to rig them in blender but requires elements that would not be exported to unity and thus I assume the effect would be gone.

Pretty much just add a couple of bones: LeftEye and RightEye and assign what you want to move to them.

VR Chat just rotates them left/right and up/down to handle eye tracking, so anything you can make look good with those rotations should work in-game.

Not sure what caveats there might be about bone orientation or rotation; could try doing Fix Model in cats on a random model to see how it does the eye bones.