[Question] How to use Planes to paly certian links to USharpVideo Palyer


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Is it possible on Udon to use Planes shapes to trigger a specific youtube link to paly on a USharpVideo Palyer, if so can somone expalin or send me something follow to do this please?

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If you mean to play the video when the player is on the plane,you can use



Or use collision as a trigger event to player video

Hi Niyah

Thank you for your reply. Could this also be used to trigger when the users press the item?

For example like the Karaoke worlds’s currently when the user wants the song to play on the video player with the just click on the plane and the link automatically loads on the video 0layer screen.

You can trigger play video by giving the object(plane) a event interact in udongrahp,and send a custom event to the player when you click the object.

The part in the udon graph of the player example provided by the SDK on the right is responsible for playing the video. When the update URL is detected, the video is played. When the update URL is detected, the video is played.
The red wireframe is added by me. When the custom event sent by the switch is received, the video will be played

I haven’t edited the player many times, so I don’t know much about it.But I think if you want the player to play the specified video, it may be set here

So every time you press plane, the player will play the video you want from the beginning(But I haven’t actually tried it. I’m not sure if it will succeed wwwwwwwww)

You should deselect the bool value(Auto Play) in the picture above.However, there is another way, select Auto Play and press the plane to trigger the hidden or open of the player.When the player is activated and displayed each time,it will autoplay.However, if you want to implement it, you still need to modify and debug it many times.

Thank you That seemed to help :slight_smile: