Question about internal timer and fast movements

My favorite rooms are the drawing and painting ones. I’ve noticed when I move too quickly when making a line the games internal timer isn’t fast enough to make a continuous line instead it appears as a dotted line. My question is could their be code written to the world that acknowledges this and goes back and fills in the missing space. Just curious.

Thanks for reading

It’s definitely possible to render continuous lines in VRChat! Would you mind posting which worlds you mean?

Any of the the rooms featuring spray paint or paintbrush and canvas mechanics. Some rooms have these as a side activity others are the main feature of the room. The 3d pens offered in some lounges work well and have never seen a line break.

Ah, you’re talking about 2D painting! That makes sense.

Yes, it would be possible to draw continuous lines in 2D. Without seeing the code, I suspect that they draw on the canvas once per frame. The faster you move your hand, or the lower your frame rate is, the more intermittent your lines are.

Solving this isn’t trivial - the paint brush would need to remember its previous position, how much time has passed, and interpolate the brush strokes from there. But it’s possible, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some VRChat worlds have done it!