Quest users see my avatar floating

I recently uploaded an optimized version of my avatar to make it quest compatible, however quest users have noted that my body is positioned above where i see myself at on my screen. This is only a problem for quest users, pc player see me just fine where i actually am. In blender the origin point is in exactly the same position on both models, in unity they are both located at 0,0,0 and are size 1,1,1. The viewpoint on both is in relatively the same spot. I uploaded the quest version as a pc model and it is not floating. It is only a bug with the quest compatible version, it happens in both half and full body, sitting and standing mode. Ive posted about this problem a couple times in multiple servers and have yet to find a solution.

Why isn’t the view point identical? You can type in the numbers manually instead of dragging around

Also have you ruled out other issues? If the floor is lower on quest version, any PC user will float

The viewpoint isn’t the same because it shouldn’t matter where it is, viewpoint doesn’t change the floor height for your avatar. I’m not sure what else it could be, as I mentioned the origin point of both is in the same location, and they are in the same position in unity. I have done this process a few times before and have never had this problem.

I’ve seen many differences between quest and PC versions of worlds, a lot get it right, but enough don’t. For syncing two avatars my guess is that the view point is used as origin, but I’ll have to test that.