Quest 2 world MB limit

SO I believe the biggest you can have is a 50MB world right?

What I want to know is:

  1. Is there any way of telling from Unity how big your build will be? or is there anyway of seeing how big the build is once you’ve built & test from SDK3 control panel?

  2. Does everything in the heirarchy get included in the build, whether it is ticked so you can see it in the scene or not?

  3. Does the mirror system from SDK3 example pack take up a lot of space?

Thanks for any help folks

To manage your world size do some of the following (Not an exhaustive list):

  • Be sure to crunch compress your textures.
  • Check the compression settings for sounds.
  • Don’t use extremely high poly meshes.
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@owlboy Thank you so much for answering all my questions so clearly.

@owlboy in your list at the bottom, you talk about crunch compression.

I have a fair few photographs as textures in my world. If I use crunch compression on them, will the quality loss be visible?

Thanks again

There’ll be a slight change in quality, but it honestly shouldn’t be noticeable at 50% compression.

@starst thanks for this, I will give it a try