Quest 2 World build - Unsupported shader for TextMeshPro

I’m trying to make my world Quest 2 compatible, when I try to publish for Android, a warning pops up saying:

  • World uses unsupported shader TextMeshPro/mobile/Distance Field. -

I am trying to display some text on a wall.

I have tried all the shaders in the VRchat menu, but they either don 't display the text clearly or are also unsupported.

What shaders are there that are Quest compatible for Text?

okay so problem is back, now if I create 3d textmeshpro object is show the warning - ! World uses unsupported shader “TextMeshPro - Distance Field”. This could cause low performance or future compatibility issues. -

But if I create a UI gameobject with textmeshpro using the same shader, then it is supported.???

This is when build target is Android