Quest 2 - Blurry Textures Sometimes


I use a Quest 2 via AirLink running on a PC with a RTX 3080.

Certain textures in certain worlds seem blurry. Why is that?

Seems more on glancing angles.

I have started playing Half Life Alyx and the graphic fidelity is amazing! Even Just B club in VRChat is great to look at.

Then I head to something like Summer Forest or Rodreven and the outdoor textures become muddy and blurry.


Likely more something to report to the world creator. There are a bunch of things that can affect how it looks in the world.

  • Source texture may just be blurry.
  • Texture may be downscaled to save on upload/download size.
  • Filtering selection on the texture (bilinear/trilinear/point)
  • Shader differences

VRC worlds are pretty much all user-created, so you’ll see a lot of difference in quality, detail, etc.

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