Python assembly compiler for vrchat, is there any working?

Hewwo, is there still some project which is basicly translating Python style language to Vrchat Udon? Udon … and UdonSharp looks too hard for me. I tried even make simple randomizer for materials but nope… it din’t worked in Udon, i found C# script but it was not usefull for me as Udon use own language.

I can somehow understand Python language but not others langs like Java, C++ or C#.
When i found that python compiler existed… i was happy because this should by only way how i can be ablle make finally game world in vrc! But sadly… it look like dead project.

UdonPieC.exe isn’t at booth … and github project was updated two years ago.

If you’d like (another) alternative to the Udon Graph, check out CyanTrigger: CyanTrigger - cyanlaser - BOOTH

What parts of UdonSharp are you having trouble with? There’s some VRChat-specific tutorials out there, but you could also check for a more general-purpose introduction into coding in Unity. If you managed to understand Python, I’m sure you’ll understand C# in no time at all.