Purchased a V-KET 5 Avatar, have no template to override animator controller

Hello, I’ve recently been playing VRChat significantly within the past month.

With V-KET 5 going on, I found and purchased an avatar model that has lip-sync, expressions, facial expressions and its own animator controller override.

My issue is that my VRCSDK3 does not include the Avatar Animator Controller template, so there is nothing for the avatar’s animator controller to override.

I’ve noticed that tutorials and videos show them having an Avatar AnimatorController template, via VRCSDK, but I guess I don’t, or 3.0 doesn’t come with one.

Help would be appreciated on how I do this, as inexperienced as I am. Thank you.

The avatar may be intended for use with SDK2 and not SDK3 as I’m fairly certain an Animator Controller Override is used in SDK2 only as Avatars 3.0 changed how animations are handled, as well as the possibilities.

Either you convert the animations and whatnot so that it’s compatible with Avatars 3.0 or make a new project and import SDK2 into it.