Publish and Build Greyed Out

Using the Avatar 2.0 SDK, and i’m trying to upload an avatar i used to have a long while ago. Everything’s set up correctly, and it doesn’t say there’s anything from barring me from uploading it (just optimization suggestions) but the “Build and Publish to Windows” is greyed out and I haven’t an inkling as to why.

Any help?

Also yes, it says my account is able to upload avatars.

Likely an error on that avatar or another one in the scene. First disable other avatars except for the one you want to upload and see if that works.

If that doesn’t help then it’s likely the avatar you’re trying to upload that has an issue, check console for errors, and if the SDK is throwing an error about the avatar you want to upload.

Ensure SDK is up to date and that you’re using Unity 2018.4.20f1 as well.

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I deleted the other avatar in my project and it worked, thanks for the help!