ProTV and Touch Toggle

I’m trying to use ArchiTech touch controls to toggle multiple playlists for ProTV. The playlists toggle just fine in a build and test, but playing it becomes a problem. I can play any song I want on each playlist, but it does not go to the next song in that playlist. Instead it goes to the first playlist I have created with the world.

Playlists Order:

  1. Chill/Jazz
  2. Folk Music
  3. Rock/Alt

When I toggle the lists, it toggles them in the above order. Each one unloads (is active checkbox) before the next one loads. Selecting any song on the active playlist plays that song. However, it does not advance to the next song in the playlist, it only goes back to the Chill/Jazz list and plays from there even though it’s unloaded. I didn’t write a udon script for this, instead I’m using the prefabs that came with both ArchiTech’s Touch Controls and ProTV’s slim playlist.

If you need more info, just ask and I’ll do my best to provide it. I looked up ProTV’s guide, but they haven’t touched it since Sept. 7th with no info on the playlists.


If I’m understanding correctly, you have 3 playlists in scene all set to autoplay connected up to the same TV instance, right? So this is a known problem with plugin events prioritization that has been resolved in the latest Beta versions, but has not yet reached mainline release. It’s simply a new toggle that has been added to the playlist script for, I believe, the exact behavior you are after.

The beta is free and available via my assets discord (link is on the ProTV booth/gumroad pages).