Prone Idle - Semi Broken

Not sure it’s an AV3 thing, but it definitely started with the update.
I have a generic lay down animation set to prone idle.

I’m sure you are probably familiar with it since it’s fairly common.

In desktop mode, it works fine.
In VR mode is when it kinda breaks.
Actually, I noticed that when you take off your headset and the avatar goes into AFK mode, the prone idle “fixes” itself. It’s definitely only when I am in VR that it’s broken.

The knees are very bent and my arms are stretched out further in VR than they are IRL. I tried toying around with the Descriptor location, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

The avatar in question is still using SDK2. Also, anyone of my friends who have this prone idle animation have the same issue in VR.

Bent knees and extended arms. (ignore the fully extended arm taking the picture)

Any idea what could be causing this?

Bump i Also have the Same issue. A lot of people in my circle have the same issue when they go into Prone while in VR from their playspace it breaks the animation Traking.

just an FYI, I’ve updated my avatar to SDK3 and remade that specific animation from scratch.
Added it to the base layer to replace the default prone and it has the exact same error.

It looks perfect in unity, but broke in VRC.
In addition, it is also broken on desktop mode after being remade in SDK3 now. (using the latest version of SDK3 downloaded today)

I think the ball is in the VRChat Dev’s court on this one

There’s some ik enabled during prone, to get a bit of head and hand motion, but it really only works correctly if you are prone (not supine like your animation). Until we have support for true tracking while in a supine pose, I’d recommend you completely disable tracking when in the supine pose. You can use TemporaryPoseSpace to move your view near the head, but actually tracking the head will enable some ik that will cause problems.

If course this requires AV3.

Disabling tracking on head works to fix non-standing poses, but you get stuck in that pose until you change avatars when I tested with the temporary pose space.

I think it disables head tracking, so when you go into pose, your Upright value never changes because the head/viewball are controlled by the animator.

Figured out how to do this and reset it when you stand again, although you do lose head tracking while crouching/proning (and your viewball is slightly off) :frowning:

Editing your Locomotion animator:

  1. Add a VRC Animator Tracking Control to your Standing state, change Head to Tracking.
  2. Add a VRC Animator Tracking Control to your Crouching state, change Head to Animation.
  3. Add a VRC Animator Tracking Control to your Prone state, change Head to Animation.

This will enable tracking once you’re standing, but in other positions, it’ll be animating allowing you to reset instead of changing avatars.

This fixed my issues with my custom prone, and custom crouch idle animations being wonky for some unknown reason (the character would sit oddly, not like my animation dictated and it puzzled me greatly). Sadly, I’ve now lost tracking when crouching or proning. I’d really love an update on this stuff so it isn’t so annoying to work with (2.0 was super easy to add custom idles).

Note I’ve not tested this on VR, this is Desktop only.