Problems with trying to import an MMD model to VRChat

Hi! So recently I just got the new user title in VRChat, and wanted to add an avatar for myself. Sadly though, I’ve run through some problems that I’ll list down here that I personally do not understand well

Another problem I ran to is that I can’t find the ball for the Avatar Descriptor.
If you can help me, that would be appreciated!

  1. Select your avatar in the scene and set scale to 0.9.

  2. Select asset of you avatar;
    In Rig tab set Animation Type to Humanoid;
    Set Avatar Definition to Create From This Model;
    Insert the appropriate bones into the required slots;

I tried doing that, but it seems I ran to another problem. Now I can’t check if publishing the models will work or not

Okay so another thing I noticed, I think this is why the option doesn’t work? I’m not sure myself

There is no useful information in this message. Details needed

How do I give the details?

Did you import more than one VRCSDK into your project?

Is there anything displayed when clicking on this message?

I only imported a VRCSDK file and a Plugin file following a tutorial

Unfortunately for that one, I closed Unity due to it lagging a bit so I can’t find the details of that message any more

Try deleting sdk folder and importing again

I tried doing that but it still gives me only one option to use

Update: I’ve gotten fixed out! Still having slight problems with not knowing how to publish it but thanks for the advice!