Problems with the crouching animations

I edited my avatar and put a sitting pose, using the SDK3 Avatars, I just switched the IDLE animation to the crouch position, this inside the animation controller. But when I put the animation of sitting down instead of stooping, my avatar sits inside the floor, as the image above shows. Any tips for this to be fixed? I want to test other animations instead of sitting, but with this bug there is no way. I see several people trying to fix this but no solution found, I hope that now I get the solution

Double check your transform is being baked into the animation (Within unity). If not, it’ll move your model without moving the root. It’ll be in the same menu where the loop option is.

How do I do this? just add the transformation to the animation? I’m not very good with the location of Unity’s functions

I tried everything, but nothing works. I can’t get the avatar out of the floor

Are you able to show the settings for the animation?

Also if you wish, you can add me on discord. We can see if we can figure it out on there.

good idea, you can call me there on the discord, PEX # 7597