Problems with Lighting

I managed to make my map have some illuminations. But Auto Generate for Lighting is creating some aberrations in lighting. Besides it takes Horrors to complete the Auto Generate, it creates all the wrong lighting. I have two questions, how do I fix the lighting and how can I make the light generation process faster

here’s the freaks I talked about

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But seriously. :3 There are some guides that may help:

There’s no real definitive guide for light baking. It’s a lot of trial and error. I’d recommend cranking the settings waaaay down to back quickly and prioritize view on the light bake options. That way you can kinda see what it’s going to look like quickly, then raise the settings and do a full bake later.

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I’m getting frustrated with this Unity, what buggy software this is. Now, when adding the Reflection Probe and clicking on “Bake”, it takes horrors to create the reflections of the living room of my house. Is there any solution for the reflection probe to bake more quickly?
When the video you uploaded, I will see it very calmly and carefully, I want my map to be published as version 1.0 as soon as possible, I have been working on it for over a month, and for two weeks trying to get along with the lights

You can try lowering the resolution on the Reflection Probe to speed it up a bit. A lot of the speed is dependent on the hardware as well. Shouldn’t take more than a minute or so to bake a reflection probe usually.

my map is very big, it has a central house and 3 other structures around it. Various textures and maps on the walls, with several points of light through the main house and the tracks outside the house. I tried to reduce the resolution as I said, but it didn’t help much. My hardware is as follows:
AMD FX6300
Gigabyte GTX 1050TI
8 GB of RAM
2x 2 TB HDD

Any other tips? I’ve tried everything to improve it but nothing works

I know you probably don’t have the money but a new CPU would help a lot. The FX series is more than outdated by now.
For faster light baking a GPU with RTX support and Bakery would be even better.

The best thing you can do now is turn down the quality, texel size and the scale in lightmap. It will bake a bit faster but also look much worse. And make sure you generate UVs on object import import for the lightmap. Use the checkerboard preview to see if there are any objects of super small size with a way too high resolution. Change the scale in lightmap for the object to a very small value in the editor if you find any. It often happens and it takes ages to bake details you would not notice later anyway.

Changing the processor is in my plans, but only at the end of the year, when things tend to get cheaper. I will try to do what I said but I am having a little sad problem now. I left the light map doing Baking in the afternoon, it took about 15 to 30 minutes to finish, and when it was finished the lights were horrible, with the emissive materials emitting a light all wrong. I’ll send you some pictures of how this terrible result was:

this is my lighting configuration:

In the the hallway it looks like light leaks. If that is only one big object for the ceiling try to increase the padding or better use different objects for each rooms ceiling and walls. Make sure they don’t have overlapping geometry and no holes. It should be a perfect fit on any intersection.
Instead of illuminating the room with emissive objects only, try to place an area light(or several) instead. That will increase the time to render but set up correct it looks better.

I gave up the area light because it didn’t work at all … I add it to the scene, set its intensity to 30, I click on create lighting on the Lighting page and nothing happens, it doesn’t emit any light. How do I make the area light emit some light?

I didn’t play with the unity one in some time since I use Bakery now. But last time I checked I placed an area light in front of a window and every static object was lit up inside the room. It is baked only so you have to set all objects to static and use lightprobes for dynamic stuff in the scene to be effected.

EDIT: just to be sure I gave it a try.

EDIT2: In case you don’t have it, here is the Unity manual…

apparently the more I try to fix the emissive materials the worse things get, lol. I created a new project with my map without any texture to make the Baking process faster, but the lights get worse and worse. I am doing a new Baking with no light leak, when I finish I will do an Edit in the publication to tell the news. I’ll try to do what I said about the area lights, who knows now it works

I don’t know what I did, but the light in the area is working well, even more … I’m going to reduce its intensity to see how it looks

News about the map, I hope you are still following this topic hahaha, I managed to use the area lights correctly, they were perfect. But … I had some problems with them. As you can see in this image, the lights in the corner of the wall give a neon characteristic, but on the wall next to it, it doesn’t happen, it would be as if the light didn’t reflect on the ceiling giving this effect.

The same problem occurs in the corridor, and speaking of the corridor … it seems that the lights in the room are leaking for him, leaving some strange artifacts in it. Does anyone have a tip?

Good information thanks for sharing