Problems uploading the test map and the full map

Some time ago I started making a map for the game. I downloaded the SDK, started to create the map, it was amazing, everything looks perfect. When trying to upload the test map, VRChat opens, loads the map, but instead of opening my map it presents another loading screen and I will stop at my house, instead of my map. I looked at the Unity console and found two errors:
Two existing delegates.
UnityEngine.Debug: LogError (Object)
VRC.Core.UpdateDelegator: OnEnable ()

Destroy cannot be called up in edit mode! Use DestroyImmediate instead.
Also think twice if you really want to destroy something in edit mode. Since this will destroy objects permanently.
UnityEngine.Object: Destroy (Object)
VRC.Core.UpdateDelegator: OnEnable ()

I tried to upload the full map but it doesn’t even arrive at the upload screen, it just says to solve all the compiled problems and upload it again
I’m using Unity 2018.4.20f1 and SDK 3 Worlds

I need a quick solution, I need to finish this map as soon as possible

None of those errors seem too bad. What log level are they? (Info, Warning (yellow), Critical (red)?)

Also make sure you’re on the correct Unity version:

If you’re above Unity 2018.4.20f1 it’ll have problems.

both were at a critical level, I’m using Unity 2018.4.20f1, just like you said. I found out what the error was, due to problems in my account here the topic took too long to be published and I ended up discovering the problem myself. There were two packages that I imported into Unity, one from the skybox, to improve the map sky, and the other was the Lights Probe, which works on several maps, but apparently does not work in SDK 3.
In fact, any tip for replacing the Light Probe is welcome, as it would be essential for the map and unfortunately it will no longer work

I’ve been using Simple Light Probe Placer while waiting for a better light probe plugin to go on sale.

I haven’t tested with SDK3 yet, but I do remember that it had some problems on 2018.4.20f1 before, but it’s fixable by some simple code edits.

From a comment on the store page:

This asset is a great time saver for creating light probe volumes. However, there are two errors when building for PC (not tried any other platforms).
To fix this for PC builds (other platforms untested)(until an official fix):
Put #if UNITY_EDITOR and #endif defines around line 61 and lines 34-35 in LightProbeGroupControl.cs. This will exclude the lines causing errors from builds. (These are only run in the editor anyway.)

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Magic Light Probes as well if you don’t mind spending $34.99 USD.

just type these lines of code in the file said in this message? I will do it today, thanks for the tip, I will return soon

where do i put these commands? he says to put on the lines around 61 and on lines 34 and 35, but where? at the beginning of the line, in the middle …

It’d be before the first line, then after the last line. Like:

... code that is being wrapped...

It basically just tells the editor to only run the script while in the editor, not in play mode/builds.

ok, I will make the changes and return to the forum to say the result, Thanks again

I was so excited about the map that I forgot to return to you. The code worked perfectly (in theory), I added the simple Light probe and allowed the map to be loaded without causing problems. I haven’t put it on the map itself, just the assets, because I didn’t even have to put it on the map to give a problem. Now it works perfectly. I will still test on the map, to see if it works. Thank you for your help!