Problem with Dynamic Bone Colliders

At the beginning I want to say that English is not my main language so there may be mistakes.
As in title I have Problem With Dynamic Bone Colliders they Don’t Work ingame, But they work in Unity.


Dynamic Bone:

What I tried: Set colliders on Legs Hands e.t.c,
Create empty object in leg and set collider on it,
Disable Dynamic Bone Ingame and enable it again
Reinstall Game,
Reinstall Dynamic Bone Package,
Reinstall Unity And Sdk.

I Don’t Know what to do now If somebody have ideas please Help me
PS. I play on desktop

The collider is a sphere, and each bone is treated as a sphere. They can easily slip around each other and not work as you’d expect.

This method works pretty well for skirts. It needs 2 dynamic bone transforms and doesn’t require any colliders:

Ok I can try to do it.

I have tried the tutorial…
And I Have Problem
After I figured out how to add Bone And parent it (im not good in blender) i’m not sure what to do with the weight paint tool. after i enter that mode what next, do i need to click on bone? or what?
PS. I’m using the blender version 2.79

And 1 more thing i have animation where second character shows, and on that second character colliders work without problems. And colliders are set identically.

Ok after much time I fixed It
it was problem with game i changed some settings and disabled global dynamic bones it works