Pressing a button with a vr hand/index finger

I have the button setup.
Having the player " walk" into the button’s collider works
trying to press the button with your hand while in vr doesn’t work.

is there a node for interaction that I’m missing for this to work as I’ve seen it in a number of worlds where people can toggle a switch with their index finger.

You could change on player trigger to interact and put it on a button. might need to make 2, one for on and one for off or add some toggle.

Something like this for separate on and off
anim button
anim button2

Or you could put it on a toggle
anim button3

if it’s a button it might defeat what I was aiming for by having the user “click”

was aiming for the user to be able to “press” the button.


the white square is the collider which will be invisible once done.
when the player enters the collider, the button presses down, and when the player leaves the collider the button moves back up.

when the player uses their Hand inside the collider, nothing happens.

research on the issue:
requires a collider on the hand spawned by the world (no idea how to do that)
Having the collider “detect” the hand/finger bones ( no idea how to do that either, yet )

or last option, make a pointer object people can use to push the button.