"[...]prefab.unity3d" does not exist

Hey, I just paid for a model from a Japanese user, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
【オリジナル3Dモデル】幽狐族のお姉様 - FRIENDLY PLANET - BOOTH This is the avatar, I downloaded VRCSDK , Dynamic Bones.

As you can see, there’s missing scripts, but I don’t know what to do with them, or what / where they are.
Do I need to move more than just the full_trackling model to the left? Because if I do, it spawns another model on top of it, so I guess I only have to chose one of them, correct?

The guy put 3 models inside the folder, “model” , “full_trackling” and “desktop”.
I guess I pick what I’m going to use and put them to the left - but I can’t upload it because it keeps saying that I have a missing file or something, and then it also says that it has missing scripts.

(I will post the screenshots in IMGUR so it’s easy to understand what I’m talking about, because this is my first time ever dealing with those problems, any help is appreciated!)

You should disregard the filenotfound errors. That’s almost always a symptom of unity not being able to build because of compiler errors. I.E. your problem is very likely because of a different error.

And as you’ve stated you have missing scripts, that’s a compiler error which is causing issues. There’s two ways to fix this, find this component on the avatar / prefab and remove it. Or get the script that’s missing, but that’s not always obvious on what exactly is missing.

Luckily I have this specific model so my best guess as to what is missing is Avatars 2.0, as that avatar does not support Avatars 3.0 out of the box. Unless there is a problem with your Dynamic bones.