Prefab.unity3d does not exist

Heyy guys, can somebody pls help me I try to upload my avatar that I bought like for 3 days now and I really don’t know how to fix the error I can’t get any further and I’ve tried soo many things, I don’t want to give up either because I paid a lot of money for the Avatar, I hope someone can help. <3

Link from the Avatar: the name is Julie

Close unity, open it up again, check for errors. Try building once if needed, then check again for errors. Idea here is to have less crap to look through. The file being found doesn’t tell you anything. Imagine trying to start a car, and it doesn’t work, the car saying it won’t start isn’t exactly telling you anything you didn’t notice…

It’s worth noting that the avatar page for Julie mentions the newer physbones, keep that in mind for any suggestions about missing the older dynamic bones.

So yeah, restart to clean out the extra errors.