Possible to play music from a URL?

Looking to keep my world size as small as I can so looking into every option I can think of to do this. When the video player is up that will be rad. But for now I have one 3 min song compressed as small as I can.

What im curious about is there a way to have music that plays from a URL?. I know most links from like youtube and spotify are out of the question because ads. But what if I had a server that the music is stored on?

Would it be possible to play the music from a URL?

I ask some of the most noob questions lol.

Not possible to play music via URL. And I don’t think that will be something we will get. So best bet is to wait for video player support to come back.

yeah hopes were not high there… thanks sooooo much :slight_smile:

you can always hide the video player and keep audio within the room :slight_smile: just an idea :slight_smile:

Yeah once video players came out really didn’t need it.