Portals to Private Worlds

Hey! I’m posting this to ask if there is any way to create a public portal to a Private world using the 3.0 SDK?

I know this used to be possible using the old 2.0 SDK as Bloxi‘s Avatar World contains a portal to a private world, both being SDK 2.0 worlds.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I’ve hit a brick wall in a really big project I’m trying to make…

(as a side question, is there any way to make an interactable button work like a portal? if not I have a solution, but it would definitely be cool if there was a way to do this!)

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So what happens when you make a portal to a private world right now? Does it not show up?

The portals show up however only I can use them, for some reason the 3.0 portals would seem to be User Locked whenever it’s a portal to a private world. I’m not sure why this happens whenever it used to work in 2.0.

I’m thinking it may be a bug?

If not then I would love it if they added the feature back into the game

As A fairly new VRChat user I think two things are required, a flag to allow joining privated worlds, because having a portal to a not normally accessible world sounds interesting. And a way to ensure that the checkbox isn’t just turned on for literally every portal in case a world is made private for reasons. Like a world is suddenly full of NSFW props and VRChat trust and safety want to make world private, or world creator wants to have thier world private.

Would an unlisted flag be sufficient? Mark the world as public, so it’s eligible to be favorite, but unlisted keeps it out of search and trending. With unlisted and public, anyone can make a portal there is my thought.

Worlds that are public can’t be changed to be private, it doesn’t work like that, meaning a public world is just public no matter what, and the only way to remove it from the system is to delete it.

To explain what I’m trying to do: I’m trying to make a vast open world experience with houses you can enter, instead I’m making them separate private worlds so I can make it so you enter the entire thing using one world link, like a loading screen of sorts, but I think the ability to do such a thing has been removed, and if it has then my entire project has just been canceled… I’m hoping someone who can change this sees this, it would be really nice to be able to create my massive world.

The way it could work, have a flag that’s back end making sure your the creator of the private world in Unity, allowing for you to make the portal in the first place, or alternatively leave it the way it is, if people can make portals to the world in another world that’s not a huge issue, the major issue would be favourites, however currently it is impossible to favourite a private world.

Essentially what I’m asking for is, if a portal is created to a private world, allow people to go through it like if the portal was placed by the creator themselves in Vrchat. The wording makes no sense, but I hope whoever reads this next gets the gist.

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Nevermind this entire thread is useless, turns out I’m just stupid and it still works. just wondering now if there is any way now to make portals have a specific session ID now

@Fushigina The fact that this could be done had not occurred to me, so thank you for mentioning it. This just opened up some great possibilities in my mind for interactive shows and guided tours. Thank you! :grinning: