Players Lag by distance?

So, i have seen a bug where the futher a player is to you, the more they will lag on your end. It is really apparent in some worlds, especially on quest, Basically if someone is closer than approxemitely 5 meters from you, they will appear completly normal, but if they are past that distance, they will appear in a choppy freame rate like if they were about to crash, i tested this with others and they see it as well, we checked our pings and frame rates and they were fine even when away from all players, we didn’t get any lag on our end, the world pickups were following the player where they really were so the player lagged behind the pickups they were holding, so if they moved left the player wold lag on the spot for a second and teleport a couple of times to reach the destination but the pickups moved without lag or teleporting and this doesn’t happen when the player is close. I have no idea why this happens and how to fix it.

The reason it’s like that is because when people are far away from you, their IK is reduced over the network to save on bandwidth.