Player/Team Management System Questions

I’m in the process of learning Unity/Udon as there are a few game worlds I’d like to make.
I’m currently trying to work on a team management system that can sort players/randomize teams/etc…
As such I have a few questions and would appreciate if anyone could point me towards any information or tutorials for the following;

Is there a way to get or generate an array of players in the world? Seems like it would be necessary. Maybe if there is a way to grab a random player from the instance you could do a sloppy alternative via a loop?

Is there a way to generate variables per player? Say each player gets a bool var called “Team” that can be referenced by other scripts?

Lastly, is there way to have a timer that syncs for new players as they join? Say a round timer so that they can see how long before they can join in?