Player tags/layers?

How to determine whether a player or pickup got into the trigger? I didn’t find the player’s tags … Layers 9 (Player) or 10 (LocalePlayer), then when you cross the trigger, absolutely nothing happens … It turns out that there is no definition in the udon by the player’s tag or layer?

P.S. if such a question was, I apologize, I’m not very strong in English, so I ask. :slight_smile:

Try a other.gameObject.GetComponent<VRC_Prop>() != null or for the case of a player: other.gameObject.GetComponent<VRC_AvatarDescriptor>() != null . See Player Collision in Udon for players.

other is a variable of type Collider passed by the OnTriggerEnter event. I’ll see if I can whip up a graph node of this if I can get my PC reconnected to the internet.

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