Playable layer for bone scaling? (fixed)

I’d like to think I am understanding the Avatars 3.0 sdk pretty well and how the playable layers work and where things should go. Unfortunately, one thing is stopping me in my tracks and that is scaling of non-humanoid mapped bones. Reading the documentation I should use the Gesture layer to do this. I want to linearly scale a set of bones from a default size to a scaled size using a radial puppet menu (0-100%).

I setup the parameter and 1D puppet for a radial puppet submenu. I have a “default size” and “scaled size” looping clips plugged into the 1D puppet driven by the parameter and the Avatar Mask is set to include these bones. I’ve tried making the animation layer additive and override but neither return any results. Am I using the wrong method for this?

EDIT: So sorry but I discovered the solution almost accidently, the parameters were being set in the sdk but not in the controllers, after I made sure I had matching names in the parameter fields in the controllers everything worked pretty perfectly