Planned Behaviors Dealing with the PlayerAPI, Storage, and External API access

What are the different behaviors we can alter when it comes to the player? Do we have options to store data either on the client side or on the server side, allowing for persistent saves? Will we have access to external network calls, allowing us to do HTTP requests and parse the response?

I have a project that I would like to work on that requires the following. I’d like to recreate the concept of the game “Event[0]”. I’d like to have players switch between no gravity and gravity. I’d like them to collect objects and if they leave, they can come back and resume their save. And I’d like to utilize HTTP requests to talk to a terminal using natural language interpreters that run an AI generated text adventure. If you’ve played AI Dungeon 2, that’s the server I’d be talking with. I’d like to be able to freeze the player in place. Have them access and inventory system in the menus. Create HUD elements to track health. Be able to put items away by placing it on their back or hip. Psycically grip a ladder and climb up. Determine whether a person is a desktop player or VR user and alter accordingly. Track full body user’s feet, so they can kick things.

I hope we can get localized storage (maybe limited to X amount of mb per world. And have a prompt that prompts the user for permission to use local storage.) And i hope we get access to server storage (which cuts back on cheating, by copying or reverse engineering save files).

The HTTP request is another problem. Allowing HTTP request means that malicious users can make people do bitcoin mining, host torrents, and a slew of other nasty things. I’d at least like the option for users to be prompted that the world uses HTTP requests, and have them enable it if they so choose. And allow them to see the HTTP requests that are being run.

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It has been mentioned that they want some sort of local storage for worlds, how that will be we have to wait and see.

When it comes to any sort of web requests, we won’t get access to that. At least not in the way you are asking for. I can however see them do some web request directly with their own API at some point in the future.

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I really hope that portal coding is possible.

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I think it would be awesome allowing local storage and web requests, there would be so much creativity! Saved states, world to world item transfers, real time leaderboards, integration with discord patreon and Spotify, twitch plays vrc, news feeds, in-game web browsers, ways to donate to world creators, or even the vrc team! lol