Physics Issue Within VR

Not sure if this forum can be geared toward technical based questions, but it appeared to be the official forum of VRChat, so here goes.

Unity 2018.4.20f1 x64

Recently built a quick setup to test physics using VRChat SDK.

Simple scenario, staircase leading up to a spinning Cube, (rotating on the Y). Avatar walks up the staircase, and steps onto the spinning Cube.

All good so far, the avatar does spin with the Cube, however, the Cube spins faster than the avatar, as though there is a light grease on top of the Cube.

I’ve tried messing with, “friction”, and various colliders, …but no go.

Any help, thanks.!Ap3B_baQ0hg2hmUvpFcZvaPu1x5s?e=2ARmkM