PhysBones, Gravity Parameters, and Newtonian Mechanics. Send help!

So, I’m trying to rig my own poi.

The default position has the root of the bone at approximately the position of the hand, and the ball of the poi is attached to the end of the bone. In the bone settings, under forces, the “Gravity” parameter is a float between -1 and 1.

However in physics, the force of gravity is measured in newtons and is a relationship between the mass of the object and the gravitational acceleration constant 9.8m/s^2

So in order to account for centripetal motion and collisions, I am trying to determine how to properly model an object with a mass in the context of standard gravitational acceleration, but I can’t find any setting for mass. Again, under “advanced” there is a momentum parameter, but momentum is simply the product of mass and instantaneous velocity (the derivative of the acceleration as a function of time).

I want to accurately simulate this behavior, because I have muscle memory from using physical poi, but I don’t want to be flinging trackers around on strings and doing funny things with OSC. So, I just want to know how PhysBones relates the gravitational force and momentum parameters to real world physics, so I can select the appropriate settings.

I’m assuming that these parameters aren’t exposed to the user due to how the optimization of PhysBones is carried out–but I just can’t wrap my head around how it works or where to start. I tried setting gravity to 0.1 (as a silly guess), but it doesn’t properly simulate the correct behavior at all. (edited)

I could make a guess about the relationship between the PhysBones Gravity force parameter, and the PhysBones momentum parameter, but without knowing how PhysBones relates the two parameters in the context of its optimizations I feel like I’d just be doing pointless work.

I am aware that I need to add more bones between the root and the mass in order to properly mimic a chain, but that still doesn’t solve the problem at-hand.