Phys Bones in Worlds

Hey party people. I’m working on a world concept and I wanted to add some wang-jangly and/or wiggly bits. I’d like to use the Phys Bone system since it is so performant, but I tried implementing it just as I would on an avatar but to no avail. It throws a null reference exception at startup, even in a fresh world project. I tried fiddling with just about every parameter on it but the result is always the same:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
VRC.Dynamics.VRCPhysBoneBase.Start ()

Has anyone had any luck implementing this in a world – or is this a supported use case at all? Hoping to hear some good news.

Cheers gang,

PhysBones are not yet supported in worlds, alas. Supposedly it’s planned, eventually. You can use Dynamic Bones instead in the meantime.