Phsyics not working in editor but work in VRC

Brand new to Unity and VRC creations though I have decent Blender experience so I’m not unfamiliar with 3D in general. I’m using Vroid to VRCHat V2v to get my Vroid model to work in unity and then make it vrchat ready. however, I can’t text the physics of the model in the editor when i move the character around. But they DO work when i publish to the game. Why can I not see physics in real time?

Auto simulation is on and gravity is set to 0,-9.81,0 , but Ive tried 111 for gravity as well but nothing seems to work. I’ve looked and looked and google and googled. It looks like it’s supposed to just work?

Edit: I did not understand that the play button needed to be pressed. And when I did, for some reason it also needed to be unpaused. It works now.