PC Link to Quest 2

Noob here, feels weird to say as an avid gamer but y’all VR is very new to be so please be gentle with how naive this question is lol

So I’ve been playing vrchat on my new oculus quest 2, I just got the cable link and I’m trying to hook it up with my pc. I’m very confused though how to play the game once my cable is linked. I downed the oculus software as well as vrstream (from my research I’m unsure of what method to use) soooo…

Do I open the vrchat game from my desktop or from the oculus pc app or what?? I can’t figure it out and I’ve looked around to find answers with no luck :frowning:

My laptop is a MSI GS75 Stealth so I have great specs and that shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you have the Oculus 2 linked yet? Make sure you actually connect the two. You’ll be launching games from your PC. This is the tutorial I followed.

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Thank you so much :smiley: I’ll try this after work and report back if I’m still having issues. (I don’t think I connected the headset)