[PAUSED] Creating 3D Full-Scratch/Custom Anime-style Avatars Commissions (Full Model, Rig, & More!)

〓About Me〓

Hello, I’m Ben, I go by bholton in VRChat,

I’m a 3D Character Artist that specializes in creating custom-made character rigs. I have a degree in Simulation & Game Development with a focus in Art & Modeling, and I have been modeling in Maya & Blender for over 4 years.


I create custom / “full-scratch” stylized 3D avatars for VRChat and Unity. I create avatars using character concept sheets that people submit to me which I then adapt into fully-rigged 3D avatars.

Avatars I create include the standard:

-Custom Avatar Model
-UV Tilesets
-Full-Body Rig
-Visemes Blendshapes
-Physics Bones

Payment will be done via PayPal, %50 of the payment is expected up-front at the start, with the remainder expected upon completion of the work. Final project files will be handed-over at the end after the project has been paid in-full.

More in-depth information & pricing is available on my commissions form.

〓My Works〓

>>Click Here to View on Sketchfab<<

>>Click Here to View on Sketchfab<<


Prices will vary depending on the complexity character and number of features. A better estimate will be given after I have reviewed the character sheet and requested features. More info on pricing available in the commission form. Additional features and accessories may cost extra.

Standard Avatar: $350~$700

Base Body (No Clothing, SFW Only): $75~$150

Expressions: +$15~$25 / Expression

Additional Outfits: +$75~$225 / Outfit

To commission: fill out the submission form or contact me, with the following:

-Character sheet (/w Front & Side view- and Back View if applicable)
-List of features
-Your contact info

I will respond to any submissions as soon as I am available.

>>Commission Submissions Form<<

I please ask that all concept character sheets submitted be original or have permission to be used by the original artist.

Email: [email protected]
Discord: Ben Holton#5427


Twitter: @BenArthurHolton
Sketchfab: bholton
Portfolio: BenHolton.weebly.com

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

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Hello! Your work seems amazing and I wanted to ask if you worked on already made models. It’s just lacking rigging and everything else.
What would the prices be in that case? Thanks!

Thank you for the compliment~ I am available to work on already-made models upon request. For estimates, I can’t give an exact estimate without viewing the model first, but a rough estimate would probably be in the range of $50~$150 for rigging. Although it depends, and may cost a bit more depending on how complex the clothing is to rig and whether the model already has the correct topology set-up for rigging.

If you want to email me the file, I would be able to take a look at it and give an exact estimate. You can contact me at: [email protected]
Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions as well.

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Very satisfied with the quick work! Ben helped me out rigging a model and was incredibly communicative the whole time. And with his guide, uploading the model was incredibly easy.
Very good pricing too! I would absolutely recommend!
Thank you again Ben!