Particle not working for Quest

I’m trying to make a simple name tag like the old legacy consoles had in minecraft, and I got the texture set up. It only looks right with Vrchat/Mobile/Particles/Additive so I am keeping it as that. But I don’t think that’s the issue (though I could be wrong…) it just doesn’t show up in-game on quest. It shows up fine for PC though, but since I play on quest I want it to appear in that too. I want it to look the same for both platforms so I always use quest materials for both versions… I’m not sure why it doesn’t show up in-game. Any help would be appreciated as I really want this to work
! Also, the particle is supposed to be a billboard type thing, that’s what I’m aiming for.

I’ve seen something like this done before,and I know where I can get the avatar that had something similar.