Particle Noise - removing noise at end point

So, I have a Lightning Effect set up with the standard Particle Emitter, using trails and particle movement noise.
However, the end point (where the particle dies) is incredibly random - is it at all possible to have the noise decrease over time, so that the particles start at a centre point, zap outward in the middle of their life, then return to a centre point at the end?


I think you need to play a little bit with the Unity Editor (the values on the right when you select your Particle Emitter) Here is a post that might be similar to your question and may help you.

Apart from this, there is a Documentation which will help you understand how exactly those values can change your Emitter:

I think your end point goes from the negative value to the positive. Like every value from -5 to +5 and that´s why it seems random. I hope my input can help you :slight_smile: