Parameter limit

is there a max on how much parameters you can have? if not how do i add more

You can have as many parameters as you like, however you’re limited to 16 stage parameters (Parameters which sync over the network). Which considering int parameters can go from 0 - 255 it isn’t a huge problem.

If you’re using int parameters as a simple 0 or 1 bool then you’re not using it effectively at all.
For example tools like this can allow you to easily make one int parameter be able to toggle quite a few different objects.

EDIT 2021-05-13 (JST): The link above has become obsolete. Reason being is that in January 2021 VRChat pushed an update for Avatars 3.0, this allowed you to use a lot more synced parameters than before with the usage of bools.
The newer system works like this, a int parameter takes up 8 “memory” out of 128. 128 / 8 = 16 so you can only use 16 int parameters at most for syncing.
However a bool only takes up 1 “memory” meaning you could theoretically have 128 synced bool parameters for stuff like toggles.

So to anybody reading this now, ensure your SDK is up to date and if you’re going to make a toggle use a bool, not a integer / float (int).

ah thanks