Outline and physics on vrchat avatars android support

Hi, I’ve seen people add outline and physics for avatars that support body tracking and I don’t understand how? The avatar is not loaded into vrchat if you use the asset of dynamic dice or your own materials…
I would really be very grateful if you would tell me what kind of magic they use!

For outlines, shaders do something that you can easily do in blender hence why you see them on Quest Avatars.
In blender, you can duplicate the model, make the duplicate slightly larger, invert the normals, and then make the polygons of this duplicate a solid color. Main issue with this is this doubles your poly count.

For dynamic bones, it’s fake as it’s not dynamic bones that they’re using. They’re using animations in Avatars 3.0 that move the hair around corresponding to their movements. The process for doing this can be quite time consuming and complex.

wow, these are really quite complex methods for creating such ordinary things, thank you so much for your help! :з