Other people are seeing my avatar differently

So I joined a lobby and a lot of people were calling me “hotdog man” which is clearly not my skin, I made and fixed up my avatar spent days and hours on it yet others don’t see it I was really confused at first because my avatar is not remotely near a hotdog it’s a Halloween avatar I made any way to fix it???

Other players are seeing your fallback avatar, which gets shown if your main avatar got hidden.

What’s your avatar’s performance rank? If your avatar is unoptimized, it gets hidden by default to improve the frame rate of other players (depending on their safety settings).

Alternatively, you may be using an avatar that is PC only. Quest users will see your fallback avatar instead.

When I make avatars, I try to make sure they have a performance rank of at least ‘Good’ on Quest and ‘Medium’ on PC. That way, other players are waaaaay more likely to see what I’ve created! (And VRChat will run much better for them :upside_down_face:)

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How do you make avatars good or medium?

Well, you’d need to optimize the avatar! For example, your avatar must have fewer than 70.000 polygons. Sometimes it only requires combining some materials, but usually it’s best to think of the performance requirements when the avatar is being created (instead of after).

If you didn’t upload the avatar yourself, it’s up to the avatar creator to optimize it.

You can find out more about the performance ranking system here: