Open web browser trough UDON

Saw this in a VKet World, users can find products inside a world and click on them to open a webpage on their computer that refers to that product.
Saw links to real food, booth assets, electronics, etc.
All of them opened a page on the computer while I was inside VRChat.

I had been looking how to do this but can’t find any docs about it.

Can we allow users to open websites trough clicking on objects in a world?

This is not something normal users can make unfortunately.

The confirmation to open a link and change avatars is part of those worlds, so the private function just opens a page. Definitely can’t just make that public.

What sort of links are you interested in opening?

Of course is understandable. My idea was links to what the worlds might be trying to promote. Same thing as VKET, and Kyocera, “Virtual Presence” worlds for actual products and services. I can see that is about some type of verification process. So perhaps I should reach directly to their support to ask for the process.