[Open] - VRchat hight quality avatar services - Bring your dream avatar to life

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

The Hawl.

Hello there! I am the Hawl, I have been taking avatar commissions for VRChat three years now. I have been part on all different kind of commissions. I have good experience to begin with and I can take almost any style of your liking to bring your dream avatar to life!

I first started with avatar animations in VRChat, after that I took a course on how to make avatars from scratch, the rigging, the textures, topology and now I’m really confident about my skills so I offer my services on this platform.

Available services.

  • Full avatar from scratch. (You provide a reference and I make your avatar!)

  • Avatar tweaking. (like avatar full rigging, blendshapes, editing, feature adding[No scratch])

  • Avatar tweaking with scratch modification. (Adding new pieces from scratch to an already made avatar)

  • Retexture. (You provide the avatar and a texturing request, like changing the textures color from red to blue or any other texturing request!)

Quote and payment information.

I take PayPal and Zelle as payment methods!

The average price for a high quality avatar goes from $150 to $450, depending on the features the price can be increased or negotiated.

We can use a payment plan or half and half payments!

I WON’T start the project without any payment made, you can also contact me to get a specific quote for free! I only charge to START the project.

Examples of my work!

Contact information.

You can contact me through:

You can also fill this Google form, after you do so I will contact you to talk about the commission!

Thank you for reaching out! I hope to hear more from you!