[OPEN] VoN's Avatar/World Commissions/Purchase - 2022


Hello, welcome to my new and updated portfolio! I’ve recently decided to make an entirely new thread due to the inactivity of my old one and I felt like a fresh start would be nice.

I’ve been a model creator since late 2017 and I’ve taken up at least hundreds of commissions thus far. I also sell most of my models already as personal VRChat account uploads. Feel free to ask for file distribution, but I don’t share out my assets as unity packages; but as raw files.

That being said, I dislike working with TDA models, so most of the time I’ll refuse those types of commissions as I’m not entirely interested in them or working with optimizing the deviantart meshes. I prefer to work with game/other anime base models for the most part.

Feel free to check out my Twitter if you’d like to get in contact with me there, otherwise add me on Discord.

DM me on Twitter only!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VonVRC

  • My Abilities / Flaws -

    Blendshapes (Visemes/Expressions/Blinking) (I’m able to make these from scratch if a model provided doesn’t have such.)**
    ** Animations (Gestures/Expressions/Shape-keyed animations/Light Particle Animations)**
    ** Mesh editing (Proportional editing, so on.)**
    ** Particle Effects (Ranges between anything, nothing gigantic.)**
    ** Shading (I do pretty well with game models, standard-ish lighting, metallics, realistic models, and of course anime models.)**
    ** Minor weight painting (Though I’m still ass at it. I hate weight painting.)**
    ** Model’s that exceed 80k+ polys**
    ** Rigid body transformations.**
    ** Physbones/negating clipping using constraints.
    ** Emotes/Dances/Poses**
    ** Much more. I don’t have any specifics, but I’m able to do quite a lot.**
    ** - And as stated above, I do not do from-scratch models. Most of what I do is from already used/licensed creations that I modify and alter/import/use in Blender and so on.**

Most of what I’ve been selling in terms of models are my Attack on Titan/Code Geass/Tokyo Ghoul models, and most of my miscellaneous models aswell. I only don’t sell my Gilgamesh content. Please refrain from asking.



I also create worlds for those interested aswell!

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within."


First time buying an avatar for VRC and I love it. Just got an Eren model and its phenomenal work from Felix. Responded to me very quick and it was super easy to work with. Put up with a few fumbles on my end with patience and kindness. The model and animations with it look phenomenal. 100% recommend for any model you need handled or purchasing from his collection!

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If you buy one of Felix’s models you will have good luck for 1000 years!!!

More of my recent work!


Bumping this! I’m still taking commissions & selling models! DM me on twitter!