(Open) Sombie's Worlds - VRChat World Commissions

Hey there VRChatters!

My name is Sombie, and I create VRChat worlds. You may know me from one of my many self-titled maps, or my new ones, like Oceans Away and The Sanctuary. I currently am accepting commissions for VRChat Worlds! I would love to work with you, your discord, or group of friends to create a custom VRChat hangout, game, Avatar world or anything else you can dream up!

Take a look at my previous work here:

I use assets/textures/models/shaders purchased from various websites including the unity store and also create my own for use in commissioned worlds. You may provide models you would like to use in your world, but I will not use any stolen items!

I use a base of $40.00 an hour to determine a price per commission, and I am willing to work with you to get an end product that fits your needs and budget!

If you have any questions please do not be afraid to ask, my dm’s are open!

Contact me! Discord: Sombie#0001

other media:

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.


Sombie is pretty much one of the top tier world creators out there, I comissioned a world from him a few weeks ago, and im really happy with it. I told him what to do and basically made what i told him to make!

I recommend working with him!

~ Preddie


I commissioned Sombie a couple weeks ago for a custom world, not only was the work done fast, efficiently and had the best details like the lighting, the particles and some design ideas.

I really love the world all together it’s perfect for me and it’s a great Quest compatible world too.

Sombie was also very nice during the process of the world making and the price was very reasonable.

I love the world and Sombie’s work.
He’s an amazing world creator, one of the best.
Thank you so much Sombie!

I really recommend working with him!

  • Moon
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sombie is the reason why the black cat looks so good. I gave him the Black Cat files and he completely revamped it. He is a good world creator. <3

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When I thought about asking someone to make me a world the first person that came to my mind was Sombie because of his amazing worlds that are all over vrchat. He did an amazing job and is very thoughtful. He always asks you if it’s really what you want and also puts his amazing style in every world he makes, you can tell a world was made by Sombie just by paying attention to the details, it’s really beautiful and I wouldn’t have it otherwise. I don’t think anyone else would have made my world as gorgeous as Sombie did. I can’t recommend him enough.


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i commissioned sombie this week and he finish it rly fast and rly good love the lighting and the ideas he bring up he is rly good world creater finish fast to rly good jobe sombie thank you <3

i recommend working with him!

  • monty <3
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Sombie did an EXCEPTIONAL job with my world. I swear the man is psychic because he was able to give me exactly what I wanted without flaw. I now have an amazing, stress free and anxiety calming home world to relax in, hang with friends, or have chats with my stream. Super SUPER impressed with his patience, talent and ability to exceed expectations.

He also had a super fun attitude and was enjoyable to work with. I’d recommend him to anyone.

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Super quick~ was very patient with me and my requests c: !! would recommend 11/10!! get dat clout!

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Went above and beyond for me. 100% recommend.

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I had a great experience working with Sombie on our new XR Social Clubhouse. He’s a talented world creator with a real eye for beauty. He was easy to work with and very fast. Answered my questions, and made adjustments on my notes with no ego. Highly recommend!

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Added on discord to reach out to you! JoyStix#0412

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I added you on Discord. Speed1848#0001. I hope there are still open slots.

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I commissioned Sombie as a way to deliver my world out of comfort and originality and he brought he full package. He was very nice to work with and a very fast worker! I highly request that if your looking for someone for a world, he is your guy! He answered all of my questions i had to ask, and went over on what i was expecting! Amazing quality and work!

  • Geminiii
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I commissioned Sombie to create a multi-level map for our community, he went above and beyond helping me with planning, explaining optimization and followed up with support for weeks afterwards as we wanted things tweaked.
He catered to my every request and discussed options that would work better and why and ultimately helped craft a much better world then i had originally hoped for.
Would highly recommend his services and i know ill be using him again in the future!


I commissioned Sombie to create a comfy world with some extra effects for a friend’s birthday! He was a very fast worker and put in an amazing quality of work! He’s definitely very talented. I would 100% recommend his services. I myself will be contacting him again in the future for more world related things.


hi, I sent a friend request on discord, I am interested in a world commission! thank you!

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Added on Discord. Looking to possibly commission in the future…

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I added you on discord I’d like to talk about world commissions I’m really interested I been to a few of these worlds just to check them out and I’m impressed

ho do i get ur discord i ould like to gt a orld

I love to have a world made! Is there anny other ways i can contact you?

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